Monday, November 4, 2013

Transformative Networks? Social Media, Politics and Protests

Transformative Networks?
Social Media, Politics and Protests

10th of December, 2013

Room 82D23, University of Ulster, Belfast Campus

Dr Orna Young and Dr Jonny Byrne wish to invite you to their event “Transformative Networks? Social Media, Politics and Protests” on the 10th of December, 2013. Over the course of the last twelve months, Northern Ireland has witnessed social media playing a central role in the nature of politics and protests. The period in the wake of the decision by Belfast City Council to reduce the number of days the Union Flag flies over City Hall in Belfast saw a huge growth in online interactions and protest organisation relating to decisions made by politicians. This event draws together a wide range of individuals engaging with online networks to discuss these new developments in the context of civic engagement and protest. This is with a view to gaining a multi-levelled insight into how social media and online networks are impacting the nature of offline relations in this region. The event also seeks to identify positive aspects of these interactions and how social media may be harnessed in a manner to help build relationships.

Attendance is strictly limited so please RSVP and register your intention to attend no later than Friday 6th of December at 4.00pm to

Speakers include:
Harriet Long (Writer and blogger)
Alan Meban (Political blogger)
Dr Dave Magee (Researcher)
Dr Paul Reilly (Uni. of Leicester)
Brian Rowan (Journalist)
Brian J. Spencer (Political blogger and cartoonist)
Dr Orna Young (Researcher)

Event Schedule:
9.30am         Tea / coffee 
10am            Introductions and reflections from panel 
11am             Break
11.30am        Identifying responses – round table discussion and questions 

12.30pm        Close